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External Supervisory Committee

The PhD Programme in Sustainable Chemistry is supervised by a board of renowned scientists in this area:

Prof. James Clark, University of York, England
Professor James Clark is one of the best known European promoters of Green Chemistry. With more than 330 papers and close to 9000 citations, his research has had a very high impact in this field. His Department at the University of York is home to a Centre of Excellence in Green Chemistry and it is also the launching site of the Green Chemistry Network, an important global tool to raise public awareness of this subject.

Dr.John C. Warner, Warner Babcock Institute of Green Chemistry
Dr. John Warner is Chief executive and founder of the Warner Babcock Institute of Green Chemistry, after having been a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Massachussets. He is a celebrated promoter of Green Chemistry, having co-authored with Paul Anastas a famous seminal book. He is portrayed as one of the main caracters in a book (Chasing Molecules, Elizabeth Grossman) dedicated to “Poisonous Products … and the Promise of Green Chemistry”.

Prof. Jean Etourneau, Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux
Prof. Jean Etourneau is the Director of the Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux, France, and of the European Multifunction Materials Institute. His research produced more than 300 papers in several areas of Solid State Chemistry, such as boron and boride chemistry, rare-earth and actinide-based intermetallic compounds, conventional and high Tc superconductors, and materials chemistry in supercritical fluid media.

Prof. Paul O’Brien, The University of Manchester
Prof. Paul O´Brien is a Professor of Inorganic Materials at the School of Chemistry of the University of Manchester and a well-known materials chemist. His recent research interests are in the synthesis of metal chalcogenide or phosphide nanoparticles using single source precursors.